7 Questions You Should Ask An Employment Lawyer You’re Considering Hiring

Jan 3, 2023 | Employment

When an employment issue arises, whether it has to do with workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, unpaid overtime wages, or something else, you may need to hire an employment lawyer who can help you build a strong case for your claim and recover rightful compensation. It is important the attorney you choose is well acquainted with California’s employment laws, so they are prepared for any problems that may arise in the midst of your case! Below are 7 questions to consider and ask an employment lawyer before you decide to move forward with them. 

  1. “What Are Your Standard Fees?”

One of the reasons many employees are reluctant to speak up about issues in their workplace is out of fear of the cost of proper representation. It is important that you have a clear understanding of what you’ll be expected to pay when you obtain an employment lawyer. Most attorneys in this field operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay if they win your case. Typically, their fees are repaid by your employer or their insurance company directly. Other employment lawyers might charge flat fees, or charge by the hour. Cost might not be brought up by your lawyer during an initial consultation, so be sure that this is addressed before you choose them to represent you!

  1. “What Percentage Of Your Practice Is Dedicated To Employment Law?”

Many attorneys will practice multiple areas of law. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, having a lawyer who only focuses on one area of law can give you an advantage, as they will have much more specialized knowledge of your needs than a lawyer who is a general practicioner. Ask your attorney how much of their practice is dedicated to employment law to get a better gauge of their experience!

  1. “What Will The Communication Process Be Like Throughout My Case?”

While you may meet with your lawyer initially, there may be others who work on your case as well. This usually depends on the size of the firm your attorney works with. Many law firms will use paralegals to communicate with their clients, rather than direct client-attorney communication. While this may not bother everyone, a lot of clients complain of a lack of clear communication causing confusion and leaving them with unanswered questions. Good communication is crucial throughout your case so that all parties know what is expected of them and what’s to come. If you expect a certain amount of communication directly with your attorney, you’ll want to clarify your expectations during an initial consultation to ensure that that’s a part of their process. It is important to clarify who you can reach out to with questions and how often you can expect to be updated about your case progress!

  1. “Do You Have Experience With Cases Like This?”

While all law firms have to start somewhere, an attorney with experience who is also familiar with situations like yours is an important factor to consider; attorneys who have handled cases that involve similar issues you are facing and have gotten good results are likely to be able to do so again. Asking them about their experience and familiarity with your particular employment law issue can give you peace of mind in moving forward with them. 

  1. “What Kind Of Strategy Do You Use For Cases Like This?”

Because employment law can be a rather broad area of law, it is important that your employment lawyer has a proven strategy for tackling your case. Many different law firms will follow a formulated strategy that they know works well, and others will develop a strategy personalized to each client’s situation. While neither one of these tactics is necessarily better than the other, it is important to ask an employment lawyer how they would best handle your case, so you can decide if that strategy will work for you! If they use a formulated strategy consistently, ask about their success rate, as well as possible pros and cons. 

  1. “What Results Do You Typically See In A Case Like This?”

If you work with an employment lawyer who has substantial experience working with employment law cases, they should be able to project how your case will turn out so you know what to expect. While they cannot make any guarantees, it can be a relief to know you are working with an attorney who has navigated other cases like yours before and has seen how it pans out. If your case is unique enough that a lawyer cannot project possible results, they should be able to tell you that. You should know if your desired outcome is obtainable. 

  1. “How Many Cases Have You Taken To Trial & Are You Willing To Take My Case To Trial?”

Many attorneys are comfortable with finding amicable resolutions using peaceful negotiations. Because employment law can become complex, especially in California where the laws are rather strict, it is important that your employment lawyer can aggressively fight to get you the results you want if your employer isn’t willing to negotiate or won’t settle fairly. Asking your lawyer about their experience in trial and if they are willing to go to bat for your rights can tell you what you need to know if you’re considering moving forward with them. 

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