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If you work in Calabasas, California or in the surrounding communities, you work in a city within a state within a country that has strict labor laws designed to protect you from corporate greed. The laws are there to ensure that employers treat and pay their employees fairly. Employees are to be paid a certain minimum wage for every single minute that they spend working, and paid more for hours that the law defines as “overtime”. If you are classified as an “exempt” employee, you are to be paid one-and-a-half times your regular rate of pay for any hours you work beyond 8 hours in a single workday, beyond 40 hours in a single workweek, and beyond 6 consecutive days in a single workweek; you are to be paid twice your regular rate of pay for any work beyond 12 hours in a single workday or beyond 8 hours on the 7th consecutive day in a single workweek. Not every employee has the right to be paid overtime wages, but most do – even undocumented employees and tipped employees.

Employers who fail to pay overtime correctly are breaking the law and taking advantage of their hard-working employees. Overtime rules are complex, so occasionally this may be an innocent mistake, but dishonest employers often intentionally misclassify workers as “nonexempt” so they can avoid paying them for overtime. This isn’t just or fair! Not being paid correctly for overtime work can cause employees and their families to struggle financially or miss out on financial opportunities that they otherwise could have capitalized on. If you suspect that your employer is cheating you out of your rightful overtime wages, you need to call Calabasas overtime wage lawyers who will stand up for you and advocate for you to receive the back pay and other compensation that you are entitled to. Contact Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C.! Our attorney team offers completely free, confidential, no-obligation consultations where you can get to know us, get your questions answered, get an explanation of your legal options, and get started taking legal action. Call now to schedule your complimentary appointment!

About Our Calabasas Overtime Wage Lawyers

At Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C., we have over 60 years of combined experience on our team. Our aggressive group of attorneys and legal professionals is intimately familiar with both state and federal overtime wage laws, and we have successfully helped numerous employees recover the compensation they rightfully earned (and in some cases, additional compensation to make up for the hardships they endured due to being underpaid). You can trust our Calabasas overtime wage lawyers to take strategic legal action on your behalf and work for the best outcome possible, regardless of how complicated your case is.
We know that not being paid the correct overtime wage is a big deal. Employees who are already struggling to make ends meet may experience additional stress without these wages, and even employees who aren’t struggling can miss out on a more stable financial future. In such a wealthy area as Calabasas, where the cost of living is 87% higher than the national average, it’s important for you to be paid what you deserve! Because of this, and because our firm has a passion for helping clients achieve justice, we are dedicated to giving every single case the attention it deserves.

Common Scenarios Our Calabasas Overtime Wage Lawyers Fight Against

There are a variety of unjust practices that employers in Calabasas frequently use to avoid paying their employees fairly for overtime. Some that we regularly see include:

Calabasas employer misclassifying employee as “independent contractor”
Calabasas employer misclassifying employee as “nonexempt”
Calabasas employer not including bonuses when calculating overtime rate
Calabasas employer not keeping accurate record of hours worked
Calabasas employer intimidating employee for trying to claim overtime work on timesheets
Calabasas employer not paying for unauthorized overtime (even if it was unauthorized, they still need to pay)
If you have experienced any of the above overtime wage violations, call Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. immediately to schedule a consultation and learn more about your legal rights!

You Don’t Have To Pay Our Fees Upfront Or Out Of Your Own Pocket!

Sometimes, employees who suspect or know that they aren’t being paid fair overtime wages may hesitate to seek out legal representation for a variety of reasons. If they are undocumented, they may fear being deported or other immigration-related consequences. If they are in a tight financial position, they may not think that they can afford attorney fees. If they aren’t in a tight financial position, they may think that the hassle of recovering back pay won’t be a significant enough amount to justify the cost of attorney fees or the effort involved. They may fear that they will be fired from their job. However, none of these reasons should prevent you from coming in for a consultation!
Even if you are a non-citizen who doesn’t have papers, you still have employee rights under the law, and you can speak with an attorney without fear of deportation. We can explain how your immigration status can be protected, and our attorneys are multilingual, so we can overcome language barriers and ensure you understand what steps you can take to recover overtime wages. Whether or not you are a citizen, if you notice that you have not been paid for overtime, it is likely that you should have been paid even more than you realize. Our attorneys can give you an accurate estimate of the full amount of compensation that you can seek in a settlement. When you work with our law firm, you will not have to pay attorney fees if you win your case; the court may order your employer to pay those fees, or they can be paid out of your settlement. Your employer is also legally forbidden from terminating your employment or passing you over for promotions in retaliation, so you don’t have to worry about losing your job either!

You have nothing to lose and significant compensation to gain. Call the Calabasas overtime wage lawyers at Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. today to schedule a free consultation.

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