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If You’ve Recently Lost A Loved One & Are Facing Probate, We Can Help You Navigate & Simplify The Process.

If you are visiting this page because a family member of yours has passed away, allow our team to express our deepest sympathies. Dealing with death can be extremely difficult emotionally, but many people are surprised at how legally complex it can become if their loved one did not have an estate plan in place. In California, if someone passes away without an estate plan – even if they had a will – their estate will likely have to go through a court process known as probate before any of their assets can be legally transferred to their beneficiaries. This means that if your loved one’s estate has to go through probate, their house may not be able to be renovated or sold, their bank accounts may not be able to be accessed, and their other possessions may not be able to legally be renamed until the process is complete You and the other beneficiaries will also likely not be able to receive your share of the inheritance until then, even if it is specified in the will.

As you may have already inferred, probate is notoriously complicated, confusing, expensive, and time-consuming; it requires extensive paperwork and frequent communication with the courts and with creditors. Any mistakes made along the way can lead to personal liability or prolong the process. Probate cases can also be prone to cause conflict among family members. When you’re grieving, legalities are the last thing you want to deal with, and probably the last thing you have time for as you are making funeral arrangments and taking care of all of the other practicalities that go hand-in-hand with someone’s passing. That’s why you need the help of experienced Calabasas probate lawyers who can guide you every step of the way through the process. At Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C., we have over 60 years of combined experience successfully resolving probate cases, and we can do the same for yours. Call today to request a consultation and learn more about how we can help.

Our Knowledgeable Calabasas Probate Lawyers Make A Difficult Time Much Easier For You & Your Family

Our mission is to take the burden of probate off of you during this hard season. To that end, we will first start by giving you peace of mind. When you come in for your initial consultation, our attorneys will take the time to listen to your story, assess your situation, and answer all of your questions. We’ll explain your legal options for probate as well as your next steps. Our Calabasas probate lawyers will make sure you know what’s required of you, but we will handle the paperwork and communications for you in order to prevent mistakes and expedite the process. We want your case to be resolved as quickly as possible so that you can focus on grieving and moving forward! You can trust our multilingual, caring attorney team to always keep your best interests in mind and do everything in our power to minimize your stress and heartache.
Because probate law intersects with so many other different areas of the family’s life, the best probate lawyers have a multidisciplinary background, and that is true of our firm. We are also extremely familiar with estate planning law, family law, bankruptcy law, and other areas of law that can affect your case. We also have extensive trial and litigation experience. If during the course of probate, conflict arises over the validity of the will, your decisions as a personal representative, or creditor claims, we can defend your rights and interests at trial. Our skill can give you an advantage! It’s important to note that the probate process does have deadlines involved, with legal and financial consequences for missing them; call today to request a consultation with Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C.

Our Lawyers Are Committed To Excellence In The Practice Of Law And Compassion For The Calabasas Families We Represent.

We are passionate about providing exceptional legal representation for grieving families in Calabasas and the surrounding areas. This city is one of the wealthiest in the entire United States, which means that many of the estates we help settle are sizable. No matter how much wealth is at stake or what other challenges you face, our Calabasas probate lawyers are your top choice for quality guidance. Call now to book an appointment with one of our lead attorneys and start the probate process.

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