Kambiz Drake

Senior Attorney

Kambiz is a senior attorney at Southern California Attoneys, Inc.   His practice focuses on Complex Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Business Law, Employment Law, Business Litigation, and Probate.

After 25 years of serving the Pharmaceutical Industry and over ten years of private law practice, Kambiz brings to Southern California Attorneys extensive experience in complex business law, employment law, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, taxation, and probate.    

Client engagement and education are central to successful litigation, and Kambiz is committed to maintaining a high level of communication and education.    He takes the time to truly involve the client and incorporate their goals, concerns,  values, and feedback.   Kambiz manages the relationship transparently so that his clients can see how their interests are being served at every stage of the litigation process.   He collaborates with clients so they can provide valuable input to ensure that the legal strategy accounts for realities.

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