Russell Nasiri

Water & Fire Property Damage / Case Manager

A Bit About Me

Russell Nasiri is the case manager of all sort of water and fire property damages in Southern California Attorneys APC.  He is familiar with all insurance policies and he is always ready to represent clients in their small or large claims.  With his knowledge in this field, he would always provide educational inputs.  He has handful track of satisfied clients who seek assistance and guidance in their claims.

There are many times that properties have water leaks and owners are not aware of it until they notice it on their water bill increase, discoloration of personal properties, smell of mildew, … then it would be time to contact Russell with Southern California Attorneys APC for best possible service and attention to your claim with insurance companies.

This happened to many families that they went to vacation and there was no one who could look after their house and all by the sudden a simple water leak leads to a huge disaster.  Coming back home and experiencing your home is under water and scared to enter your house for many reasons such as getting electrocuted or do something that would harm your precious family and your property causes you to panic.  But it is time to contact Russell right away to help you from start and get you back to what you called it home.

Southern California Attorneys APC would provide all services from start such as how to protect your precious family and your beautiful house by contacting your insurance company to open a claim and getting the best possible coverage for your damaged dwelling, personal property and loss of use.​

In many incidents we encounter cases that some homeowners don’t have enough insurance coverage to protect themselves against natural or unwanted disasters such as water and fire damages.  It would be my pleasure to sit down with you and review your policy for free.

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