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In Los Angeles, CA there are laws in place that are intended to prohibit discrimination against all company employees and mandate equal treatment in the workplace. Unfortunately, such laws are not always upheld by employers and sometimes coworkers! Workplace discrimination can leave employees feeling ashamed, less-than, and angry; it can also negatively impact financial earnings. If you’ve been wrongfully fired from your job, have lost opportunities or benefits due to your sex, age, race or other like characteristics, or have otherwise been unfairly treated at work, you have been wrongfully discriminated against! Our seasoned team of Los Angeles discrimination lawyers can help you stand up for your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Know that you have the right to take legal action! Contact Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. to schedule a free consultation and learn about your next steps today.

What Is Classified As Discrimination, & What Are Some Examples?

Discrimination is defined as the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. It can also be based on additional characteristics like religion, physical & mental disability, marital status, gender orientation, military status and more.

Discrimination can affect the way others perceive you, hinder your ability to work your way up in a company, keep you from earning wages and have other harmful effects. Being treated differently by your coworkers or supervisors is not only an isolating experience – it’s also illegal. There are numerous laws that prohibit workplace discrimination at local, state, and federal levels. 

It can be difficult to tell if you are actually being discriminated against at work, because discrimination can look different in different workplaces and for different employees. It could be as subtle as not being considered for a promotion because you are going on maternity leave. It could be a “harmless” pattern of joking about your religious beliefs. It could be something more obvious, such as denying you accommodations for a physical or mental disability you have, or you making less even though you do the same job as your male coworker. It could be something like being replaced by a younger employee even though your performance is excellent.

No matter the circumstances, discriminatory behavior in the workplace is unacceptable. Our aggressive Los Angeles discrimination lawyers are prepared to work to protect your rights under the law.

What We Can Do For You

Discrimination in your workplace can be a stressful and even traumatizing experience that leaves you feeling unsafe and unsure of what to do next. We can determine if you have a case, and answer the questions you have in regard to your options, which may include filing a discrimination suit against your employer(s) or coworker(s). We can give you peace of mind knowing you have knowledgeable and trustworthy attorneys on your side at every stage of the process! If necessary, we’re not afraid to take your employer to court to hold them accountable if that’s what it takes to achieve a favorable verdict for you! Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. is passionate about protecting the legal rights of employees who’ve been wronged and our primary focus is on employment related law; you can feel confident in our winning track record and ability to secure compensation. 

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If you’ve been discriminated against in your place of work and are seeking guidance on what to do next, we can help. Call Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. for a free, confidential consultation with a Los Angeles discrimination lawyer. We can help stop employers from treating you with intolerance!

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