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Employees in California should be paid fairly for every single minute that they spend working for an employer. According to California law, this means that workers should be paid for “overtime” work. Overtime is defined as any work outside of 8 hours in a single workday, outside of 40 hours in a single workweek, and outside of 6 consecutive days in a single workweek. The law requires employers to pay “exempt” employees one-and-a-half times their regular rate of pay for overtime, and double-time for any work outside of 12 hours in a single workday or outside of 8 hours on the 7th consecutive day of work in a workweek. There are some types of employees who are not entitled to overtime pay, but employers may intentionally misclassify workers so they can avoid paying them for overtime and get free or reduced labor.


Failing to pay overtime is dishonest and illegal. It’s also unfair; employees who aren’t paid for overtime may miss out on financial opportunities that otherwise could have been enjoyed by themselves and their families. If you suspect that your employer is cheating you out of overtime wages that you rightfully earned, you need to enlist the assistance of experienced overtime wage lawyers who can advocate for you to recover maximum compensation. Even if you are undocumented, you have rights under the law! Contact Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C.! Our attorneys offer complimentary, confidential consultations where you can ask questions, learn about your legal options, and discuss your case. Call now to schedule your free appointment!


About Our Overtime Wage Lawyers


Our skilled legal team has over 60 years of combined experience. At Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C., we understand that not being paid for overtime is a big deal. For families who are already struggling to make ends meet, it can mean extra stress and hardship, and even for employees who are comfortable or well-off, it can negatively shape their financial future. We treat every case with the dedication and importance it deserves! You can trust our overtime wage lawyers to help you take strategic legal action and fight for justice. Regardless of how complicated your specific situation is, we will stand up for you!


Common Scenarios Our Overtime Wage Lawyers Fight Against


Some of the most common cases we handle include seeking damages for:


  • Employer misclassifying employee as “independent contractor”
  • Employer misclassifying employee as “nonexempt”
  • Employer not including bonuses when calculating overtime rate
  • Employer not keeping accurate record of hours worked
  • Employer intimidating employee for trying to claim overtime work on timesheets
  • Employer not paying for unauthorized overtime (even if it was unauthorized, they still need to pay)


If you have experienced any of the above overtime wage violations, call our lawyers immediately to schedule a consultation and learn more about your rights.


You Don’t Have To Pay Our Fees Upfront Or Out Of Your Own Pocket!


Any employee who should be classified as exempt can be a victim of overtime wage theft. However, immigrants (both undocumented and documented) tend to be taken advantage of more, as do tipped employees, retail and hourly workers, and construction workers, among others. Because wage theft negatively affects employees in these jobs more than other industries, and because wage theft negatively impacts someone’s financial standing in general, we know that many wronged employees will be hesitant to contact an attorney because of the high costs generally associated with legal help. However, we believe that every employee deserves to be compensated fairly for overtime work, so our clients will never have to pay our legal fees unless we recover a settlement on their behalf. If and when we do win, the court may order your employer to pay our fee. You have nothing to lose and significant compensation to gain! Call the overtime wage lawyers at Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. today to schedule a free, confidential consultation with our multilingual team.

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