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Divorce is one of life’s most difficult transitions – personally, financially, and legally. There are many details that have to be decided and many considerations to be made, and all of the choices you make during this process can affect every aspect of your and your children’s lives for years to come. However, because divorce be highly emotional, it can be difficult to see past the anger, hurt, loneliness, anxiety, or confusion you may be feeling in order to make the best decisions. That’s why you need the assistance of an experienced local divorce lawyer who can listen to your story, explain your options, give you clarity, and empower you to exercise sound judgement even in such a hard time.

The knowledgeable Thousand Oaks divorce lawyers at Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C, have over 60 years of combined experience helping couples navigate divorce and achieve a successful resolution. While we always strive for a collaborative, amicable approach, because cooperating with your spouse is usually the most affordable and quickest way to move forward (and because it’s easier on any children involved), there are some cases where fighting just can’t be avoided. In those situations, you can trust us to aggressively advocate for your best interests. Call today to request a consultation with our legal team and learn more about how our representation can give you an advantage!

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If you have never been divorced before, or even if you have (because every couple and divorce is different), then there are many questions that you probably have about how divorce works and what your life after divorce is going to look like. At Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C, we understand that divorce isn’t just a legal issue – it’s a deeply personal family issue that intersects with the law. That’s why we take the time to build a relationship with our clients and understand their unique family dynamics so that we can help them understand how the laws and rules that govern the divorce process in California will affect their divorce. The more that you know about what lies ahead, the better prepared you will be. We want to give you peace of mind!
In California, there are four main types of divorce: uncontested, contested, mediated, and summary dissolution. You and your spouse choose which type of divorce you will have.

If you have been married less than 5 years, don’t have any kids, and don’t have sizable assets, you may be eligible for summary dissolution, which is perhaps the easiest form of divorce. If you and your spouse don’t meet these requirements, but are able to agree on all or most major issues (such as custody, asset division, and etc.), then you can choose an uncontested divorce; you are able to have more control over the terms of the divorce and enjoy a faster, simpler experience than contested divorces, which are typically marked by conflict and require court intervention. If you disagree with your spouse but are willing to work with them, divorce mediation allows you to meet with an impartial mediator to settle the disagreements and submit a mutually agreeable arrangement to the court for approval.

Our Thousand Oaks divorce lawyers will be able to give you specific, detailed information about which route may be best for your situation and what to expect during your initial consultation!

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Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C., is prepared to take on even the most challenging divorce cases. No matter what obstacles stand in your way to happiness, we can help! If you have children and need custody assistance, we can help with that as well; if estate planning needs to be part of your divorce journey, we will tell you so and our lawyers have extensive experience in that area of law.

Thousand Oaks has a reputation of being a “quiet, relaxed, and upscale community” located just north of L.A. in Ventura County, but just because things seem peaceful here doesn’t mean that divorce doesn’t happen at the same rate as it does in the rest of the country or that divorces don’t get as messy. Particularly because couples in Thousand Oaks may have sizable assets or business interests to divide, divorces in this area may be even more complicated, which is why hiring an experienced law firm to represent you is the wisest choice you can make! Request a consultation with our Thousand Oaks divorce lawyers today to get started.

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