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Employment law refers to an area of law that governs how employees are to be treated in their place of work. Unfortunately, in Thousand Oaks and elsewhere in California, there are hard working employees who are being taken advantage of by unlawful employers, whether it be through unpaid wages, discrimination, wrongful termination or more!

If you find that your rights in the workplace have been violated in any way, the Thousand Oaks employment lawyers at Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. will stand up for your rights and help you recover the fair compensation that you deserve. Call us for a free, confidential consultation to discover your options and what comes next. 

Examples Of Employment Law Cases We Handle 

Unpaid Wages/Unpaid Overtime

Across the state of California there are employers who will unknowingly withhold overtime wages from their employees due to a lack of knowledge, which is still illegal and unfair – it is their responsibility to know the law and abide by it! Other employers knowingly withhold or deny overtime wages in order to keep more money in their pockets, and find ways to cover it up. For example, some employers will give an employee a phony title that implies a management level position. Management levels are typically excluded from being able to obtain overtime pay. Another example is “off-the-clock,” work, where an employer will have you wait to clock in or continue working when you clock out. No matter the reason, it is illegal for your employer to keep your earned pay from you! If you’ve worked above your standard 8 hour workdays and 40 hour workweeks, and you are a non-exempt employee, you are likely entitled to overtime pay! 


Discrimination and harassment unfortunately occurs in workplaces across the nation. Many employees face discrimination or harassment from co-workers or supervisors without even realizing that it is happening. 

Workplace discrimination can look like, but is not limited to the following:

  • Racial discrimination 
  • Ethnic discrimination (nation of origin)
  • Discrimination based on ability/disability
  • Age discrimination 
  • Gender discrimination
  • Discrimination based on sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy discrimination 
  • Discrimination based on parental status
  • Retaliation discrimination

Harassment can be verbal, physical, or even digital via emails or other online work platforms. If you suspect or know that you’ve been discriminated against, don’t hesitate to call our Thousand Oaks employment lawyers. We will fight to hold your employer accountable! 

Wrongful Termination

In California, employers have the ability to fire employees without cause. Many employers, however, will use this to cover up what is actually wrongful termination. Employers cannot legally terminate an employee on the basis of race, age, religion, sex, disability, parental status, sexual orientation, or other discriminatory reasons. It is crucial that you seek seasoned employment lawyers who are familiar with employment laws so that your rights are protected if you believe that you’ve been wrongfully terminated from your job. 

Ignoring Health & Safety 

Many employers will try and save their pennies by cutting corners where they can. Unfortunately, the health and safety of their employees is often what employers choose to neglect. If your employer isn’t ensuring that proper safety equipment and procedures are available to their employees, and are putting you at risk, you can make a claim against them for compensation. 

About The Firm

If your employer isn’t paying you proper wages, is neglecting your health & safety, is taking opportunities away from you on the basis of gender, age, religion or more, or is otherwise infringing on your rights, our Thousand Oaks employment lawyers can help you stand up to your unlawful employer and secure the compensation you deserve! 

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At Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. we know there are many undocumented workers in the state who are wronged by employers all the time; many are afraid to speak up out of fear of being deported. Our Thousand Oaks employment lawyers can also protect them under the California employment laws so that they can get the legal representation they deserve!

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When you work with our lawyers at Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. you don’t have to pay any upfront or out of pocket costs for us to begin building your case. We will investigate your claims, explain all of your options, and develop a plan to hold your employer accountable. The best part about it is if and when you win, your employer will pay our fees. If we don’t win you owe us nothing! You don’t have to worry about expensive representation – our services are essentially free to you. It is also free to schedule a consultation that is confidential. Your employer won’t know until you decide to move forward with us! 

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