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The hardest part of any family split is deciding what happens to the children. Determining child custody is usually a conflict-filled, expensive, and emotionally and legally complex process. The way that a custody agreement is set can permanently affect the relationship between you and your children, which is why it is so important to enlist the guidance of an experienced attorney who can explain your options and advocate for your parental rights!

The Ventura child custody lawyers at Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C, have over 60 years of combined experience leading parents to a custody arrangement that meets their unique needs and goals. When possible, we always attempt to take an amicable, collaborative approach because we know that less fighting is better for everyone involved – especially the children – but in cases where you and your partner simply can’t agree, we’re more than capable of aggressively protecting your relationship with your children and advocating for your desired outcome.

There are many considerations to take into account during custody proceedings. No family situation is exactly like another, which is why our lawyers will take the time to get to know you and your family dynamics in order to provide the best legal advice possible. We want to give you all of the support you need to make wise, empowered choices for your family’s future! Call today to schedule a consultation with us and learn more about how we can help.

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In California, there are many laws and rules governing custody. Going into a custody dispute with a basic knowledge of how custody works can give you an advantage! During your consultation, our Ventura child custody lawyers will give you a more in depth explanation of your options, but there are essentially two types of custody to be concerned with: physical custody and legal custody.

Physical custody is related to the percentage of time that a child will be under the physical care of each parent, while legal custody refers to the right to make major decisions about the child’s health, education, extracurricular activities, religion, etc. Most of the time, for both of these types of custody, the parents or court will decide between a joint custody arrangement (in which parents share time with the child), or a sole custody arrangement (in which one parent is awarded full rights). How custody is determined depends on many factors, and there are also many aspects of custody – like child support – that may not even occur to you while you are so consumed with moving forward during this difficult time in your life. Our detail-oriented attorneys will ensure that you have clarity regarding your rights and responsibilities every step of the way!

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Ventura is one of Southern California’s most beautiful, vibrant coastal communities, situated in between Santa Barbara and L.A. The city is known for its small business pride, a focus on great education, and fun-loving surfers, but family separation happens here just as often in other Southern California towns, and handling a custody case here can be just as complicated. The lawyers at Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C., are well equipped to handle Ventura child custody cases. Call today to schedule a consultation!

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