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While we all would like to live in a world without discrimination, many employees in Ventura and across the country are victims of employers who treat them with prejudice. If you work in the Ventura area and believe you have suffered discrimination in your workplace, you need experienced Ventura discrimination lawyers to stand up for you and fight for the justice you deserve. The aggressive legal team at Southern California Attorneys, A.P.C. is ready to help you! Call us today to schedule a free, confidential consultation and discuss your options.

What Is Workplace Discrimination?

Discrimination can be overt or subtle, but it is any form of an employer or supervisor treating an employee differently based on something other than pure performance (and instead on the basis of race, religion, country of origin, parental status, age, disability, etc.). It’s not only unfair, but under both California and federal employment laws, it is also illegal. Federal law, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, protects certain classes of workers from discrimination. At the state level, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act does the same. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop many employers from acting discriminatorily, but it does mean that sometimes they attempt to disguise or excuse discriminatory behavior to avoid getting sued. Common examples of workplace discrimination include:

  • Asking personal questions during an interview
  • Failure to reasonably accommodate disability/difference in the workplace
  • Excluding particular employees from networking and career development 
  • Humor or comments that belittle employees
  • Singling an employee out for unpleasant or dangerous tasks
  • Creating a hostile work environment
  • Biased employee evaluations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination

Discrimination in the workplace can leave you feeling helpless, angry, ashamed, and depressed. It can lead to a loss of self-confidence and a loss of trust in colleagues and management, but it can also tangibly lead to negative financial consequences; perhaps you are prevented from moving up the career ladder and earning more, or lose your job and wages. The toxic effects of discrimination can affect your and your family’s ability to thrive financially, which is why you deserve compensation if you have been a victim. 

All of our Ventura discrimination lawyers at our firm are intimately familiar with discrimination laws. We can represent you and pursue maximum compensation if your employer discriminated against you unfairly!

Who Do We Represent?

Southern California Attorneys A.P.C. recognizes that discrimination comes in many forms and that every client is unique. Clients who pursue discrimination cases include:

  • Women
  • Immigrants, including undocumented immigrants (who are protected under discrimination laws)
  • Targets of unrequited romantic affection
  • Veterans
  • People with stigmatized diseases, such as H.I.V.
  • Employees who learned English as a second language
  • Gay and lesbian employees
  • Members of religious groups
  • People with genetic risk factors for diseases
  • Whistleblowers
  • And others.

Members of marginalized communities have already overcome a great deal in life. At Southern California Attorneys A.P.C., we strive to hold employers, managers, corporations, and other responsible parties accountable for the damage they cause and prevent them from continuing to discriminate against other employees in the future.

Our Ventura discrimination lawyers  work hard on behalf of our clients, representing employees from family businesses to multinational corporations. When you come to us with a workplace discrimination case, our priority is to carefully and compassionately consider every aspect of your case. We will help you understand how federal and workplace discrimination laws apply to your situation and explore every legal avenue available. We will fight to seek justice for you to make up for what you’ve endured! 

You can trust us to listen to your story, answer your questions, determine whether or not you have a legitimate case, explain your options and your rights, investigate your claim, gather evidence, communicate with your attorney, file paperwork, and pursue a legal claim against your employer if necessary. We’re on your side!

What If English Is Not My Native Language?

The members of the legal team at Southern California Attorneys A.P.C. speak many languages to serve the diverse community in Ventura, CA. Our attorneys don’t want language or cultural barriers to stand between our clients and quality representation. No matter in which language you best communicate, we will find a way to connect with you.

What If I Don’t Have Any Money?

Our Ventura discrimination lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means that you owe us no legal fees unless and until we win your case and secure compensation. However, in most discrimination and employment cases, if a settlement is reached, attorney fees will be included in your settlement, which means that our services will essentially be “free” to you. 

Won’t My Employer Punish Me for Taking Legal Action?

Many victims of workplace discrimination are silent in the face of unfair and abusive treatment because they need their jobs to take care of their families, but the law mandates severe consequences for trying to intimidate or retaliate against a victim of discrimination. With a trusted workplace law attorney in your corner, you will be able to stand up to your employer and feel safe doing so. 

Why Should You Choose Southern California Attorneys A.P.C. to Represent You in a Discrimination Case?

We are an established law firm with over sixty years of experience and a reputation for advocating zealously for our clients throughout the litigation process. For professional legal advice and representation from our Ventura discrimination lawyers, call Southern California Attorneys A.P.C. today! There is no fee for the initial consultation, and anything you say in consultation will be completely confidential.

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